Master, Disciple, and Freedom

Once upon a time there was a Master who could not find his disciple. Thinking him lost he went out searching for him. He combed through all the forests hills lakes and streams in the area, but still could not find him.. He then saw a huge mansion and entered it. He went from one giant room to another calling his disciple’s name. Yet, there was no answer. Finally, he was about to leave he heard his disciple’s faint voice “I’m up here, master!” He followed the sound of the voice to the top floor and found his disciple in a the largest most beautiful room.  He was meditating in the center of the room. It was filled with spiritual paintings and statues, and music filled th air.

The Master interrupted “Where have you been,? I looked everywhere for you?”

” I have been in this room.”

“Why are you here?”

“I came to find my freedom.”

“And have you found it?”

“Yes master! I have it and it is glorious!”

“Good then come with me so we can wander the hills and enjoy each others company!”

“But master I cannot leave this room or I will lose my freedom!”

“Then you are not really free, are you?” The Master smiled.

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