4 Dimensions Become as One

“And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our souls. There walks a lady we all know. Who shines white light and wants to show, how everything still turns to gold. And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last, when All is One and One is All…….!”

-Led Zeppelin

I spent many hours listening to this song. I was listening very hard, hoping the tune would come to me at last. Somehow, I always knew that the key was “when All Is One and One is All.’ But we all have to take our Wizard of Oz journey to discover the simple truth that has been with us all along.

After coming down off the mountain of Saint Francis, I felt a sense of having come full circle in my life long search for “that something more” that I have sensed under the surface of our cruel and often unbearable world. I call it the Divine Presence. It is a beauty, a harmony, an interconnectedness, a peace, that awakens an unconditional field of love, and thus a boundless joy, independent of circumstances.

I have experienced it in myself as my inner being, in the creative source from which my own being arises as God, in the creation itself as the harmony of nature. My journey to Mt. La Verna revealed it as the divine presence in the broken and healing fragments of my human nature.

I woke up one morning and felt the radiant diamond center in my heart that unites them all. I realized that there is not actually 4 dimensions, just One. It is a unified field of Divine Presence that can be looked at and seen from these different perspectives. No doubt the ways of perceiving it are as infinite as creative expression itself. But now, these “ways of looking at the sacred” felt unified within the deepest and most central point of my heart! I remember the Grandmaster’s advice to me, to enter the temple of my heart and discover the presence of the Universal Great One that resides there.

Now, it is easier for me to see that the divisions are fractures created on the surface of our minds. We empower these divisions with our faith and enforce them with our divisive choices. It’s like believing a lie until it becomes real to you. Yet, underneath these mind made divisions there is a unity, a peace, a love, that is always present and available to all. When we are not conscious of it, it seems to be non-existent. But when we expand our consciousness we awaken to the greater truth, which unifies us all. It is through this expanded consciousness that so many of the world’s problems will be solved. A limited consciousness cannot rehabilitate, regulate, or legislate itself into transformation. It must expand beyond the level at which its self-generated problems came into being.

For me this revelation both expands and simplifies the concept of Divinity. The expansion says we are not bound by the man-made divisions, that have historically and traditionally oppressed and divided us. You can approach divine experience “if you wish” in any of these four sacred arenas, as Self, Creator, Creation, and Humanity. I was given the courage to explore within these four realms by my teacher and friend, the Grandmaster. His authority allowed me to claim my own. Now….I wouldn’t let anyone put me back in a box of a limited and restricted faith. I will not restrict myself with unknowable beliefs. I’d rather expand my awareness through a living experiential encounter with the Divine. No doctrines, just a boundless faith. No rules, but to follow the guidance of divine love from within my heart.

This brings us to the simplicity of the divine concept. Be respectful, kind, compassionate, forgiving, and loving to all, while maintaining healthy boundaries to protect yourself. Being mean, rude, disrespectful, unforgiving, judgmental, arrogant, and opinionated, is to be the source of your own suffering. Actually I have never seen a mean spirited person who looks happy. We all have a choice of who we want to be in this world! We will all live with the consequences of our choices. I have found that no matter how cruel and destructive others choose to be, that for me hating sucks and loving is better. It is better for us all, our relationships, our lives, and the small but precious time we have on this earth.

There is a treasure hidden in plain sight within the mundane and often painful reality of everyday living! It awakens and arises through awareness. It is the generator, sustainer, and substance of reality. It is the Divine Presence that is woven into the very fabric of our existence. No one can contain, restrict, limit, or own it. It is as free and infinite as the Universe itself!

“There are two boys sitting under a mango tree. One boy turns to the other and says ‘I’ll give you a mango if you tell me where God is?’ The second boy looks back and says “I’ll give you two mangoes if you tell me where God is not?”

Love and Light, Si Gong


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