This Rose cannot be trampled underfoot.

You’ll never make it they say……

You have no chance, the self-appointed experts scream…..

The full weight of science, biology, and all that is known to be solid and true…

is ready to come crashing down, on every petal, every leaf, even your gentle stem.

The gift to be given stands now condemned.


She smiles, she giggles, she laughs,

she whispers into life’s ear…..

I love you, and I am here….. I will never go away!

I will still be riding the wind, when your facts and figures

get trampled by time….

I am who I am, and I will always be, it’s not what you see….

but what lives in me, that makes me, me, and I am free……


Storms of anger blow through her sky,

lightening, thunder….. a reason to fly?

Wasn’t it Mick Jagger who said “you make a grown man cry?”

But after every tempest, her heart remains…..

She like the sea, turns granite to sand

and teardrops to rainbows….


Let those muscle bound lads grunt and groan in the cage!

They spit blood and sweat as if it was fire.

They wear belts of gold and declaring their grit,

couldn’t last one day with her in the pit!


Though not perfect, she is who she is,

Her life is her art as she expresses her heart.


I humbly bow before this flickering flame,

humanity and divinity dance in her name.


For you see, she was born in the temple of Athena!

Where sun touches earth, her only arena.


Master becomes student and student becomes master…..

There is a circle that is silent and all that is…..

eventually returns and comes home to itself!


So sit my friend, let us gather round the fire.

I am not a liar!

I am a witness and my words are true.

Life is a gift only claimed by a few.


I have been blessed to tell this tale,

to have seen, and loved, and laughed… and certainly cried….

with this beautiful soul that won’t be denied!


Her name is Hannah, so chill out and don’t be distressed,

because by now you’ve probably guessed,

she is the one that morning salutes….


A Rose that will not be trampled underfoot!


Love, Si Gong

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