I Believe the Children are our Future!

In the small amount of time that I have been blessed to travel this earth, I have noticed that children everywhere are as beautiful as children anywhere. I have never seen a newborn baby that wasn’t aglow with the radiance of love, peace, and joy! Those who gather around the campfire of a new born soul instantly feel these divine qualities fill their heart! O.K. first, if they have one, and secondly provided the child is asleep. Even love, peace, and joy go running for cover in the presence of a healthy set of newborn lungs!

As these little bundles of joy grow up they all have universal qualities. Wonder, curiosity, friendliness, honesty to name a few. They also are totally open, they have no understanding of race, nationality, religion, politics, class, etc. All the classic categories that adults use to divide themselves by. What happens to them? About 6, 7, 8, years old they begin to show the beginning signs of prejudice, superiority, and cruelty. By 9, 10, 11, 12, these qualities get bigger and by the teen years these negative qualities are on a rampage. Just ask anyone who survived high school. Why? Human nature you say? Original sin? Nice try. Maybe it’s a little simpler than that. Maybe they were taught these things?

I would like to remind you that children don’t really learn what they are taught. They are not paying as much attention to what you tell them to do, they are too busy learning from what you actually do! When they are told to have good manners or they’ll get a spanking. Sure, they’re not dumb, they’ll try to limit the number of spankings by doing what you say. But the lesson is, if you want someone to do what you want use violence and fear to intimidate them. 1,000 lectures on being polite go out the window when you flip that &*#@! off on the freeway! They learn that we talk about the way we should be, the golden rule, blah, blah, but then just have at it! Put people down, ridicule, call names, intimidate the hell out of your opponents….. cause that’s how you WIN! And when you explain about who “we” are, with a sense of pride, our race, our nation, our religion, our neighborhood, our politics, etc. What they learn is that “we” are better than “those” people. The fine art of “hey and them and we and us,” becomes internalized. Hatred, prejudice, cruelty, beatings, killing, and wars, are the bastard children of these insidious lessons.

When we teach them these things! We are creating human nature!

Dr. Seuss who endeavored to teach children a better way by making his stories so silly the adults wouldn’t notice. He wrote the classic “The Sneetches.” Where prejudice is based on who has a star on their belly and who doesn’t. This is not a joke, prejudice is absolutely this ridiculous! You might say “yeah but this other group of people is SOOO different from us.” Whatever! Even when everyone is the same they find a reason to divide, feel superior, and hate.

Ishmael and Isaac were brothers. Catholics and Protestants killed each other under the authority of the same Jesus. No sooner had Muhammed, peace be upon him, passed away with the words unity on his lips, that his family members divided Islam into sects, Shia and Sunni They have been warring ever since. These might be considered sophisticated divisions, but if no other excuse is available people of the same race will literally tie on blue and red handkerchiefs so they know who to hate and kill. And in case you think I’m picking on the crips and the bloods, the divided states of America has been color coded to red and blue states, forgetting that a house divided cannot stand, and that the racial divide we witnessed on black and white TV is as wide as ever, in this age of living color.

So here’s the reality there is only one race, the human race! There is only one religion, and that is love. There is only one way, the way of respect, compassion, and kindness. So I have decided not to believe that we have to solve all these problems so we can establish our unity, I choose to live based on the truth of our unity, so it can be established.

The truth is the truth. Yet our minds can create divisions where they don’t exist and then live as though they are real. As an example go to any National Border line and stand on the line. Even if people are killing each other and dying on both sides of it, a cockroach comes walking by and looks at us as if we are crazy. You see the cockroach doesn’t see a line, because there isn’t one! In this case the cockroach is smarter than a human.

So remember our children are watching us, and will inherit the world we are creating. We need to start teaching with our actions and not our words, because our children are watching, but not listening. They have learned to tune out what we say because we are not living by the values we claim to have.

And in case any children are listening, don’t follow the bad example of adults, follow your hearts, and be leaders of a better way, and builders of a new world! And read the Little Prince at least once year so you don’t lose touch with reality!

Love. Si Gong

P.S. Adults, please stop conducting your wars in cities! The children are paying the price for your self-created hatreds. They are completely innocent and do not deserve to suffer the wrath of your divided minds and darkened hearts. There are plenty of open spaces that can accommodate a good war. Siberia, The Gobi desert, or Antarctica would make excellent designated battle fields. Don’t complain that it is too hot or cold because war is not supposed to be comfortable. I have no objections to what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own battlefields. Nothing wrong with grown-ups making a free-will choice to take all the noble things they believe in and kill and die for them. Go for it! But for the love of all that’s sacred please stop killing the children!

P.S.S. Or you could try the advice you give to kindergarten kids and “use your words!”

P.S.S.S. Or take John & Yoko Lennon’s advice and “Give peace a chance” I know, I know they’re dreamers…. but they’re not the only ones!


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