The Divine Mother

My recent trip to Switzerland included a deep healing and transformational encounter I would like to share. On our third day we traveled to a monastery in the mountains. This was the home of a “Black Madonna” which is has been a center of this energy for 1200 years. There was a figure of the Holy Mother carved of wood and said to be originally blackened by years of candle smoke. Many healings and miracles have taken place in her presence. I was excited and curious to visit this holy shrine.

I have spent a good part of my life with my head in the clouds. A fact which family and friends can attest. Entering this Church was no different. My head fell back and I spent the first 10 minutes staring at the beautiful art, painted and crafted across the ceiling. I finally remembered that I had come to see the Black Madonna but could not see her anywhere. I decided to use my Universal Life Energy sensors. I felt a great power emanating from a large tabernacle in front of me. I was on the back side and walked to the front and there she was, radiating golden light. I sat in between Suzanne and Caroline who had seen and been drawn in by her as soon as we entered the Church.

The first thing that hit me was the powerful presence of the Divine Mother energy. I felt the love in its presence, but also I was aware of my mind hovering over this experience like a reporter ready to take notes. Then I felt the Holy Mother take me in her arms like a child and gently rock me saying “Husha baby…..shh…. husha, husha…” She did this until my thinking mind fell asleep and there was nothing left but the pure presence and the Divine Love of the Mother. I felt it in my heart, where it touched the wounds left by my earthly mother and my foster mother. In the case of my mother, in the first part of my life she had been absent due to drugs and alcohol. This was the wound of abandonment and neglect. In the case of my foster mother she had been mean spirited and cruel. This was the wound of physical and verbal abuse. The very root of my mistrust of the “Mother” energy was exposed and being healed in the light of the Divine Mother.

I realized that life had sent me male mentors to compensate for my lack of a father. I had taken a conscious journey to get in touch with my feminine side and have been an advocate for girls and women through our Girl Power programs. But just like when you go for a massage and become aware of pain being held in places you were unaware of, there was a deep unconscious wounding that I had not been aware of. I felt like my heart was being restored and made whole.

I was shown that the love I express to others could now be expressed through a mothering energy to combine with the fathering energy I have been accustomed to. I was shown that Divine Energy and Divine Love is never complete unless combined with its masculine and feminine characteristics. In Genesis it describes the creation of humanity as being made in the image of God “Let us make ‘humanity’ in our image… so male and female “they” created them.” The point being that when the Divine is seen as exclusively male, all of humanity suffers. For the fullness of Divinity, the Universe, the Earth, Life and all Human beings cannot be expressed except through the fullness, cooperation, and harmonious melding of these two energies. For life itself, springs from this union.

When this healing was complete, I stood up and felt I was walking on air. I put my hand over my heart, it felt new. As I write this, I am aware that something changed on the deepest level of my being. It is now ready to unfold into the glorious future that lays ahead of me on the horizon!

Love and Light, Si Gong


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