Why I love, Love!


-Si Gong

I awoke this morning with mind my flying joyfully over the vast array of things I love! This panorama of love included the Creator, the creation, the cosmos, the stars, the sun, planet earth, the mountains, oceans, rivers, trees, all living things, and humanity! It was a blissful and heart felt exploration of the diversity of our universe and how much is expressed within it, and is available to be loved. My muse, whom I love, playfully entertained several titles, such as “Why I love God? “Why I love the Universe?’ Why I Love the earth?” Why I love life?” “Why I love Humanity?’ “Why I love individual humans that I know?” As I lay reflecting I thought about how much I love, love. I decided to write about that. I thought to myself “This will be lovely!’

Now I don’t know about you but I have a still small voice that I listen to. It never steers me wrong. But I also have a louder and more obnoxious voice that I call “the accuser” or “the judgmental one,” who seems to pop up whenever I have a good idea. It always begins “Who are you to….?’ In this case it said “Who are you to write about love?” I used to cower and thus have my life controlled by this egotistical, judgmental, blow hard. Fortunately, I now reflexively dismiss this voice and go ahead and do what my heart guides me to do.

My heart has been guiding me for many years now to teach, preach, and now write about love. This is just a choice, actually no qualifications are required. Love is very generous this way. It will accept every application without judgment. You see love, loves you just as you are, and yet is always willing to guide you, deeper into who you are. It does not require perfection….Whatever that is?…… it knows your only perfection lies in love itself. You see whatever we decide to think, speak, and act on, we eventually become one with. It is just a matter of who you want to be, and where you want to go. At some point in my life, I decided I wanted to go wherever love is going. All my chips are in. Love or bust! I am loving the journey so much that all projections of destination have melted away!

So why do I love, love? I love, love, because….. it guides me into unity with All! It brings me into unity with the Creator, the cosmos, the universe, the earth, life, and all humanity! This unity within the divisions is divine. Love leads my on a voyage of exploration and expansion, until my heart can fit the all that is, without separation or division. The mind divides, the heart unites. But it is the mind united with the heart that gives birth to wisdom. The wisdom to know all separation is an illusion. Every illusion is based on the lie of division. One Earth, only when we draw lines where none exist, does conflict, war, and suffering arise. One Race-Human. One Faith-Love. One Consciousness-Awareness. One Creative Power- of which the cosmos is the unfolding expression. One Creative Being- in which all beings are united.

This is a revelation of the heart. It is not a concept the mind can understand. One must follow their heart and the Divine Love that lives within it. For this is our true nature, our salvation, and our liberation.

I love, love because it sets me free, from all that restricts me. It helps me to see things as they are. It helps me to embrace realization and to give up analyzing. It awakens forgiveness and releases judgment. It awakens gratitude and releases apathy and depression. It teaches me that I am one with my community. So that to love and serve self and community, are part of one unified action.

Love doesn’t come and go. It is eternally present. It does not demand that I be happy, feel good, or always be right. It allows for sadness, frustration anger, and a multitude of errors. Love is with me, even when I am not, and then we pick up together, where we were before I decided to wander off.

I love, love, because there is nothing sweeter in the entire universe. It is its greatest gift. A gift that increases in the giving of it. A gift that increases me and draws me closer to all that I love. Until the one who loves and the beloved, become as One!

“Out of all possibility, energy! Out of energy, matter! Out of matter, life! Out of life, consciousness! Out of consciousness, the opportunity to follow love into the all-inclusive realm of Divine Love! Those these mysteries are great, they all exist within us!”

-Si Gong

I am only and forever thankful for the presence of Divine Love in creation, in my life, and to for its untold mysterious expressions in the future!

With commitment and allegiance to Love, Si Gong


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