If you are confused it is because you are listening to the chatter of 10,000 voices. Go deeper and listen to the one true voice.”

-Si Mo Suzanne Firestine

It is easy to feel lost, confused, and discouraged, listening to the swirling riptides of opinions and mental projections along the open highways of the news, internet, and social media.

There is a place where one can find peace. It is both the longest and shortest journey in the human realm.

It is the journey back to your own heart.

You see…..

The mind is not the master of the heart,

It must bend its knee and become the servant of the heart.

The realm of the mind is a dangerous place.

For it has the power to bend, distort, and negate the truth.

The heart is our only refuge,

for it is a place of clarity, pure perception, and truth.

Until we return to our hearts,

the world will know chaos, disharmony, conflict, and war.

There is only one place from which we may navigate

our journey through time and space, this is from the seat of the heart.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

If you do not know what this means, you must go within,

and it will be revealed to you.

If you go within and still don’t know, you must go deeper.

There is a unified realm of consciousness,

unconditional love, eternal peace, and causeless joy,

at the center of all creation.

You are a part of creation and it also exists,

in your center. This is your heart.

This is not a myth.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that not experiencing something,

is proof that it does not exist.

Be a pioneer, go beyond man made limitations.

Go and see. Experience this for yourself.

The truth is not out there. It’s in here.

He said tapping his heart.

Peace, Si Gong Robert Firestine


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