“Everyone is so afraid of death,

but the real Sufi’s just laugh;

Nothing tyrannizes their hearts.

What strikes the oyster shell

doesn’t damage the pearl.”



“God is a circle whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere.”

-St Bonaventure


Our universe is spinning in circles from the macrocosm to the microcosm! Our cosmos is a spherical wonderland! No offense to the flat-earthers who say “There is nothing to fear, but sphere itself! Lol!

Everything has a center and so do you. When you abandon or get knocked off your center it is hard to see things clearly. Imagine there are two bees on a bicycle wheel. One is on the rim and one in the hub. Which bee can better see, what they see? Forget “to be or not to be” the question is which bee do you want to be? If you want to be free, go with the bee that can see! Do you agree? He he he!

Everything that is not in the center is moving. Outer circumstances and your mental, emotional, and physical reaction to them are always moving and changing. But you, the one watching this passing parade resides in the hub of your own heart. This is the center of your being (bee-ing?) Lol!

Awareness when it becomes transfixed on that which is moving can feel like it is moving itself. If you stare at a spinning object on a screen you might get dizzy. But you are not moving? Close your eyes, come back to your center, and the dizziness fades.

The purpose of meditation is to find this unmoving center within you so that you may see things clearly. Thoughts come and go, emotions come and go, desires come and go, events come and go, your reaction to events comes and goes, But, you from the center of pure awareness remain. When this awareness becomes aware of itself it enters into the peace that passes understanding. If you enter into the center of your own awareness, you will become a loving, peaceful, joyous, witness of life. You will be able to accept life on its own terms.

To be clear you will not be outwardly loving, peaceful, and joyous all the time. When something tragic happens, I cry deeply from the heart, my chest heaves and I feel the pain. But even this is witnessed form a deeper place. I am no longer afraid of the pain but it really, really, hurts! When I am done crying there is a peace that washes over me as I realize that “this to, like all things, shall pass.” Everything is constantly being born and dying. Nothing that is moving is permanent, it comes and goes. Life is a giant roulette wheel and from one moment to the next we do not know where it will land. We do not need to change this reality or try to beat the system, only enter the hub of our own chariot and take the ride from a sweeter place!

Siddhartha found this center in himself and proclaimed it for all sentient beings! Jesus found the center of Divine Love flowing from the heart of God in and through his own and out to all human beings! He invited us to enter into the stream of this same love. Lao Tzu observed the center emerging through nature and all creation and then took his place within it, to follow the way!

Beloved, there is only one center from which the cosmos, all creation, life, and consciousness emerge. From this center all that is, in its glorious diversity, can no longer be divided. This center lives in you! Will you have the courage to look within and see, and then decide which bee you want to be!

Peace Yo, Si Gong

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