“The entire universe is a dance between silence and sound, stillness and movement.”

-Si Gong

“Only when there is calm in action and stillness in movement, then and only then does the universal rhythm manifest itself.”

-Si Tai Gong

There is a place inside of every heart where stillness abides. It is the central point from which all thought word and action emerge. Thought word and action are our creative powers. All that you see in our world began as a thought, was formed as a word, and was made manifest through action.

Descartes said “I think therefore I am.” I say “I am therefore I think.” I guess he put De–cart before the horse! Get it! Lol. But seriously what is there, when there are no thoughts, no words, and no actions. Have you ever stopped thinking, talking, and doing stuff, long enough to find out?

I have experienced this point of stillness as a place of profound peace, uncaused joy, and a wellspring of love, that connects me to all.

But I am not in this state all the time. Thoughts words and actions come and go freely. Some people think of the “goal” of meditation as entering into the blissful state and staying there. They wrestle with their thoughts and feelings as they arise. They feel ‘Oh I just haven’t made it yet! I guess I’m not THERE, yet!”

Gertrude Stein once said of Berkley, “There’s no there, there.” Well first of all I disagree. If I may speak to the ghost of Gertrude Stein. “Gertie, I’ve been to Berkley, I was there and there was definitely a there, there!

Sorry, I digress.

I find the value of the inner point of stillness to be that it is the best seat in the house, from which to watch the passing parade of thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. It is like being at the center of a bicycle wheel, as opposed to being on the outer rim, everything still goes round and round, but you are observing it from a place of calm stillness strength and peace. From this place, the place of pure awareness, you cast a light on all that you observe both within and outside of you. The world is still the same, but it lights up. This is different than the enlightenment, I imagined when I first began my quest for enlightenment.

It allows everything to be as it is. A mysterious place where love, peace, and joy, emerge without limit, but do not try to eliminate or overrule the passing parade of duality. It allows for happiness and sadness, tranquility and anger, joy and depression, etc. We can let it all be, because we are no longer caught in it. We are free to let everything flow from this newly discovered point of stillness. A place where we are free, to experience and express our lives from the very heart of creation!

“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of Eternity.”

-Lao Tzu

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