“From The Toilet Bowl To The River………..”

There I am at the magical fairy laden land of Findhorn, a sustainable eco-village. A spiritual community built on these three principles, inner listening, co-creation with nature, and love in action. I am staring straight into a toilet bowl. Yes, no communion with the nature spirits or angels for me. I am scrubbing the crapper. I remember a quote from Emerson, “A man is relieved and happy when he puts his heart into his work and does his best. And none that he says or does otherwise shall bring him peace.” I scrub harder. “Daniel San brush the bowl!!!” I hear in my mind. I start scrubbing in circles, first towards the left, then towards the right. “#@%!, on! #@%!, off!”

My thoughts begin to wander as to why we select the jobs, we think of as less and assign them to the people we think of as less. Then success is nothing more than trying to make sure you’re not the one doing the job that makes you feel like you’re worth less and to find a job that makes you feel superior. You run around screaming “Do you know who I am.” as a way of bullying others and making them feel less….. human?

Then I heard the theme song from the television show Kung Fu playing in the back ground “Doo, do, do, Doo, do, do, do, do, do, doo!” I was about to have a modern day Kung Fu flash back. I was 20 years old and standing in front of our temple at 1111 Pine street. Our Grandmaster was sweeping the courtyard, I was aghast! He was a noble magical, wise, and powerful man, it was beneath him to have to sweep away dirt others had left. My eyes betrayed me. He asked. “What’s the matter?” “It just seems that a Grandmaster shouldn’t have to sweep the floor.” I replied. “Never be too proud to do any job. Stay humble and do your work like a prayer.” was his wise reply.

He returned to sweeping and I returned from the flash back and kept scrubbing the toilet bowl., this time with peace in my heart, my movements became like a prayer. At Findhorn they call it “Love in action.” I found my zone, my Zen, and yes even love, cleaning the “toilette” ,that day. As Frank Sinatra says,” If I can make it there…. I can make it anywhere!”

Later that day I met with Suzanne to discuss our experiences with “Love in Action.” Now she had been “called” to work in one of the organic sustainable gardens. She describes the sunshine bursting through clouds, creating rainbows, flowers, fairies, nature spirits, the sweet feel of mother earth in your hands, while birds sang a symphony of melodic relaxation music in the background as she toiled! The only thing that was missing was the silhouette of a unicorn on the emerald green Scottish hillside!

“How was your day?” she chimed, her eyes aglow. “I was scrubbing toilet bowls and I am pretty sure I didn’t see any nature spirits or fairies flying about the place!’ I said jokingly.

In truth, my experience was magical. I found it is the intention of the heart and not necessarily the action that we do that brings transformation. “Doo, do, do, Doo, do, do, do, do, do, doo!” Another flashback. I see our Grandmaster standing in the boiler room. “Become nothing, and then you really become something.” He says and smiles.

Peace, Si Gong

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