“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”

-Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz)

“In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; for I have overcome the world.”


I once stood outside the gateway of my own heart. I sensed the presence of a glowing light that was the very source of a limitless love peace and joy. This was beyond the realm of the mind where thoughts go dancing by in an endless parade, masquerading as reality. I was at the threshold of a frontier were reason fears to tread. But I would not allow myself to enter.

I heard the still small voice. “What are you waiting for? It took you a lifetime to arrive at the gate of your own heart. Why not enter?”

As I reflected on the answer, I realized that I did not feel worthy of such unconditional love peace and joy. As I looked even deeper I saw that I was afraid of abandoning the world as I had known it with all its hatred war and suffering.

So I asked the voice a question. “Lord, how can I enter into love peace and joy in a world with so much hatred conflict and suffering?”

“Uhmm!” The voice cleared its throat. “Because it is the essence of who you were created to be, and you do not lessen the hatred conflict and suffering of the world by withholding love peace and joy from it!”

I thought about this. It made sense to my rational mind. It would be like refusing to take the antidote because of the presence of the poison.

But what about injustice? I decided that one could continue to work towards justice without abandoning the glory that lives within one’s own heart.

I entered into the presence. My heart and soul were aglow. I experienced the supreme bliss of self, where individual awareness meets an awareness greater than its own. Time stopped and there was no sense of space. Thought word and action melted in the purity of just being. Then after a while they returned. It was like my feet touched the floor of the ocean again and I walked back onto the beach.

I always thought that liberation enlightenment or realization was a state that one discovered and lived in permanently. This “state of being” was definitely greater than any state I had ever been to, including Puerto Rico. Lol! But I knew I could not function in the world without thought word and action. So I continue to live, and yes I am at times hypnotized by the rotating carnival of emotions, desires, and drama. But I am at peace even in the turmoil.

You see I have visited the sacred temple of my own heart and I know where home is…..

Peace, Si Gong


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