“The whole problem with our world, is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

-Bertrand Russell

“There is a light at the center of every heart that will guide us into our individual and collective destiny. Follow that light!’

-Si Gong

In the world today we are flooded with information, knowledge, and technology. This can give us the impression that we have made great progress. We are tempted to view ourselves as an advanced civilization. But I can’t help but notice that after all this history and its presumed lessons, that human beings are not being civil with one another. If we cannot be civil, we cannot wear the title civilization. Let alone be called a great or advanced civilization?

The world is filled many intelligent men and women, but very few wise ones. We are over-rich in knowledge, but extremely poor in wisdom. Why is this? Do we over emphasize the acquisition of knowledge, to our children, while totally neglecting the cultivation of wisdom?

What is wisdom?

First, to be fair, I don’t think wisdom can be taught. I certainly don’t think it comes with age. Exhibit A: The Human Race. Age certainly brings wrinkles, but wisdom is not a guarantee?

Wisdom is mysterious, like love, peace, or creativity power. We can experience them but nobody knows where they come from?

In my years teaching children, I did a little experiment. I asked children profound questions and asked them to bypass their minds and go into their hearts for the answers.

“On the surface the straw does flow, but those who seek pearls dive below.”

It was the pearls of the heart that I was interested in them cultivating and lo, wise answers began to flow. As they began to trust this emerging wisdom, the treasures of the heart became greater and greater. I asked them, “Are you all attending wisdom school on the side! Your answers are wiser than our national leaders!” I did the same experiment with adults. It took them longer to connect, as they had to move past all the conditioned thoughts, opinions, and beliefs they had accumulated over a lifetime. But in time they were able to access this mysterious inner guidance that is available to all!

Yet, we cannot codify and teach wisdom, it is beyond the realm of the intellect. It will always adapt and change to every circumstance and every individual that calls upon it. It is timeless, eternal, and infinite. It cannot be captured. It is like the ocean powerful and constant but if we capture it, it becomes dead stagnant and no longer the ocean. The beautiful thing about wisdom is that it is the perfect and tailor made guidance for each individual being. It will take you to your greatest individual destiny. It will also take us to our greatest collective destiny.

What is wisdom’s secret? It is nothing more than the light that emerges from the heart of universal love. It whispers to us, “This is the way, walk ye, therefore in it.”

You see the intellect is not the mountain top of human evolution. Beyond instinct is intelligence. Beyond intelligence is intuition. Beyond intuition is inner knowingness. Intuition and inner knowingness require insight to be awakened and brought into our lives as a guiding force.

To look within and find this inner light is the beginning of wisdom, to follow it and apply its guidance to your life is the unfolding of it, to merge and become as one with it is your destiny.

Will humanity awaken the wisdom of the heart, before it’s too late? Or will they relying on information, knowledge, intellect, and technology, be so smart that they outsmart themselves……right out of existence?

Would you agree with me that this would not be wise?

Peace, Si Gong

“I connect and trust my inner wisdom more each day, I am therefore connected to the universal wisdom of all that is.”


“Even death is not to be feared by the one who has lived wisely.”


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