“The Creator created Creation and then extended the Creative Power to Created Beings!”

-Si Gong

Many people say, “If there is a God, why does God let all this suffering exist?” The answer, “God doesn’t, we do!”

As you look up at the heavens and as you gaze across the full measure of the earth and all created beings, you will see beauty and magnificence! When you look into society, civilization, nations, cities, industry, technology, economy, politics, corruption, racism, poverty, crime, and war, that’s us, we create it all.

You see we have been given the gift of creative power! We can use it to create, but we can also use it to destroy. You may say. “Well I didn’t create all that!” But we are connected to each other and we often suffer because of the destructive actions of others. This is what I would call a misuse of the creative power. My question to you is, what will you use it for?

I remember when I first discovered that I had the creative power. Over many years my teacher had convinced me that we are all co-creators and that we could create whatever we willed to create. I wasn’t happy. I was scared. You see I didn’t know or trust myself enough to begin creating? I was like Harry Potter on graduation day. I had the wand. I had the training. I could perform magic. I knew it. But I had not yet purified my heart, so I hid my wand under my pillow!

But then I entered the temple of my heart and found a Master living there. I began to follow this Master’s guidance. The Master was good. He only guided me to do that which was good for myself and others. He taught me that when I benefited myself, I benefited others, and when I benefited others, I benefited myself, because we were a part of one another. He taught me to be blessed, and to be a blessing. It turns out Jesus was right in his single command that we “Love one another!”

Imagine my surprise, when I awoke one day to find that the Master I had been following was me! It was the gift of myself, waiting to be given! I immediately grabbed the wand from under my pillow and began creating! It became a blessing wand, and I freely used it to bless myself and bless others. I was no longer was afraid of my own power. I did not even need to be subservient to a greater power, for I found that the greater power is my power. The greater will is my will!

We will be out of balance if we only live for ourselves. We will be out of balance, if we only live for others. When we realize our oneness, we will begin creating within the Universal will. We are free, when free-will is purified in the truth. We are all One!

I no longer chase shadows. I do not need to destroy the destroyers. Misuse of creative power will be their destruction. I am too busy creating. I am also excited to teach others that they to have the creative power, and that they can trust the purity and goodness of the Master that lives within the temple of their own hearts. Then we can get about the joy of using our magic wands to create amazing magical lives for ourselves, while blessing others, and building a collective creation we can be proud of.

So, my friend, what will you create?

-Si Gong

“The expression of the Self is the art, and the greatest art of all is life itself!”

-Bruce Lee/Si Gong

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