Wisdom is an ocean that permeates all creation.

Wisdom is a river that flows through time and space.

Wisdom is an eternal well at the center of every heart.


Formless, it fits every form.

Timeless, it is present in every moment.

It is the source of every question,

therefore it contains every answer.

It is the way and therefore

always knows the way.


It adapt itself to every soul.

Is available now and always,

yet, changes in every circumstance.


It shines in the eyes of the newborn.

It is the flicker that leaves the gaze of the dead.

It is beyond, in and through, every conscious being.

It is ready to speak and share its secrets,

to every child, to every nation, to every race.

It knows no borders, and transcends them all.


Why is there so little wisdom in our world?


We have been taught to look outside ourselves,

to memorize answers, to trust outer authorities,

more than we trust ourselves.


We have put wrinkles on wisdom

and thus miss its everlasting face.

We give it a name, while it remains nameless.

We try to capture it in the words of others.

Yet, it fall apart like ashes in our hand.

It shares itself with the humble, but shuns the proud.

Only a fool would think of owning it,

for it will not be possessed.


Knowledge has always been, is now, and will always be,

blind, aimless, and dangerous, without wisdom’s guiding light.

When will we turn within and sip from this infinite spring.


We starve in the presence of the bread of life.

We beg, when the priceless gem is hidden in our coat.

We have been poisoned, we suffer, destroy, get ready to die,

with the antidote in the palm of our hand.


Oh children of the earth come home.

Drink from the cosmic cup.

Befriend the invisible guide.

What glory awaits us,

beyond the horizon of our pain.


Our world is ephemeral, and may slip away,

never hearing wisdom’s gentle tears?

-Si Gong

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