“When the Power of Love,

overcomes the love of power,

the world will know Peace.”

-Jimi Hendrix


“Bring me a Higher Love!”

-Steve Winwood


“All you need is Love.”

-The Beatles


Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Love is the highest guiding principle in creation.

Love is the richest and most meaningful experience in existence.


The principle of love transcends time and space.

Meaning it’s power and principles are true

in the past, present, and future!

Anytime, anywhere, any place,

always and forever, everywhere!


It’s principles transcend sex, race, nationality, religion, or ideology.

Love is available to all human beings equally, without boundaries.


If in humility we bow before love.

If we make it the highest principle in our lives.

If we follow its way with discipline and courage….

it will level every wall, dissolve every prejudice,

consume every hate, break the chains of every addiction,

heal every wound, and solve every problem.


Love will bring rehabilitation, restoration,

and salvation, in every human arena.


It will heal and restore us,

in mind, body, heart, and soul!

It will break down the barriers of our division,

and bring us into unity, cooperation, and peace.


What voice inside you rejects this claim?

Where along the way did you lose your faith?

When did you turn your back on love,

and begin to trust your opinions, more?


When did circumstance and experience

begin to dictate the outcome of your life?

Rather than the universal principle of love,

dictating your circumstance and experience?


Love is strong and enduring.

It will not win overnight.

But it will win.


Don’t give up on love.


Love is the way, the truth, and the life.

There is no other way.


Are you willing to be one more in the name of love?


-Si Gong

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