“Stop running from shadows,

chasing shadows, and casting shadows.

Come before the sacred light of the heart

where all shadows are vanquished.”

-Si Gong

“You are the light of the world!”


There is a sacred light at the center of every heart. It is your salvation, our salvation, the key to your individual freedom and the liberation of humanity. It the fountain of Divine Love that lays beneath the soil of every human lot. It is an unending source of wisdom. It is the creative power of a Universe ready and poised to create through your life.It is the source of all healing, restoration, and glorification. It is your highest an noblest self, as unlimited potential within the evolving self. It will vanquish every shadow and make straight every crooked path.It is the ultimate destiny for in truth there is no other destination!

That’s right all that you are seeking is already living within you!

Just waiting to be discovered, revealed, known, cultivated, expressed, and lived!

So what’s the problem and what the hell is going on, on planet earth?

Each and every person has a free will right to seek of ignore this inner beacon. Our lives are an expression of our chosen and imposed belief systems? They reflect the unconscious and conscious expression of our ego identities. Our desires are often born from the wounding, humiliation, and pain we are forced to endure. We try to build or “get” a life on the assumption of our worthlessness. Most of our ambitions for power, fame, or wealth are a frantic and neurotic drive to prove we are “SOMEONE!” Yet, success does not address this core insecurity, so we never obtain enough, and thus are never truly happy!

Then there are those who collapse and surrender to the idea of worthlessness and live lives of quiet desperation. Empty meaningless lives are scattered like discarded husks across the earth. “Oh well it’s the best you can expect!” So we “settle” for less.

And there are the rebels, revolutionaries, and reformers, who at least have a pulse! They are those who raise their fist from within the madness to yell “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” The rebels destroy themselves, the revolutionaries and terrorists destroy others, and reformers create a structure for a better world without ever touching the human heart from which the world springs!

This may all seem to be the light headed philosophical musings of an air-headed love drunk hippie who was born too late to actually be one! Or some metaphysical musings of a John Lennon like dreamer who never got over the song Imagine and continues to live in a bubble of his own making, rather than just grow up and admit that the world just sucks and is regulated by a preset thermostatic set point on a universal dial called human nature.

Perhaps I am guilty on all charges. And it is fair to demand evidence for such preposterous claims? And especially “that there is a sacred light at the center of every heart that will vanquish all shadows”. I know that most of us believe that anything that we have not experienced does not exist. But think about it does reality create experience and thus limit imagination, or can imagination lead to experience that gives birth to new realities! As John Lennon said. “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” And yes, I’m a fan!

If you have not experienced this inner sacred light. All it takes is your willingness to seek within and to not give up until you enter into its presence. It is a small drop of that power that creates worlds and is the source of all consciousness, love, peace, and joy. I am not any more special than anyone else on planet earth but I am not any less special than anyone else either. Great humility and glory dance side by side in my being as they do in yours. But I am a seeker and have come into the presence of the sacred light of which I write. But this was only after I was done trying to oppose injustice in the world and began to look for justice from within my own heart. Your discontent with everything wrong in the world, is born out of everything that has the potential to be right in the world, living inside you. Experiencing this, changes everything, because rather than fighting against injustice to establish freedom, you begin representing justice in light of your freedom!

This is all perfectly illustrated in the life of Nelson Mandela. He began his life opposed to injustice. Which landed him in prison for 27 years of his life. He had no place to go but within. It was coming before the sacred light of his own heart that vanquished the shadows and allowed him to walk free into the light. In this case he was able to bring his country with him as the shadow of Apartheid was vanquished from the land. True shadows still danced around him but they no longer had power over him, as he had established a firm conviction to be led by this inner light.

This is the victory! It is the way, the truth, and the life! And no it is not easy, so if you’re lazy…… turn back now! It takes strength, perseverance, and courage! Everything will not go your way, for that is not the promise. The promise is the peace beyond the pain, the liberation of the Divine Love that lives within you as a prisoner of your human loves, and the everlasting joy of knowing you spent this life obtaining a treasure that is priceless and eternal!

Let you light shine in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it,

Si Gong

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