“When the attributes of the Eternal shine forth, the cloak of temporality is burned away.”


“Come before the sacred light of the heart. and all shadows will be vanquished.”

-Si Gong

There is a sacred light within the heart of every human being and when you come before it every shadow is vanquished, one by one, eternally, until all shadows are seen as passing clouds that only give temporary contrast to the one true light, that is, was, and forever will be.

What is this light?

This light that is the presence and eternal wellspring of unconditional love, eternal peace, and causeless bliss! Now hold on to your seat, (I hope you are sitting?) These three are not three separate qualities or characteristics. They are in truth one! I call these three blended experiences the trinity of divinity!

Why this matters to you?

Because this is available to you from within your own heart. Even better than that it is essence of who you are! Let that sink in. Take a deep breath. Hold it for three seconds and exhale. That’s right, all that you have been seeking outside yourself, namely, freedom, love, peace, joy, abundance, meaning, wisdom, truth, justice, etc. already exists within you, and is the very essence of your being! What if every human being knew this? Talk about a game changer! Right!

This inner light is the eyelet of pure awareness and is the eternal well spring of all that is good and true within the possibility of human experience. It is the kingdom of heaven within you of which Jesus spoke. The enlightenment experience which Buddha experienced and shared, and the harmony of the Tao which is the underpinning of all creation.

Then why is there so much hypocrisy and falsity within religion, spirituality, and human institutions?

Because as human beings move away from the central light of their teachings shadows begin to emerge.

There are no shadows in the center of the sun!

So it is this center that I am calling the sacred light of the heart. It is the formless source which gives birth to all form. In the heart of this formlessness is where all the world pathways meet and are purified in their surrender to the universal and transcendent values of love, compassion, and kindness.

“When one has attained the formless form, then one is free to express oneself through all forms!” -Bruce Lee

Pathways are important because they deliver you to a promised place. But when you step foot on the promised land, you may thank the ship that delivered you, but it’s services are no longer necessary, you might as well set it on fire, you are home and home is where the heart is. I believe it is time to ask, in this generation, why do we build elaborate belief systems, doctrines, traditions, and practices, to deliver us to a promise that is approximately one and a half inches away?

There is a promise of happiness that all paths use as a lure, even the secular ones. Without this craving of the heart even advertisers would lose their leverage. Even the promise of heaven is empty if along the way we abandon love, peace and joy? Without these, reality itself is a hell. And anyways what good is a promised land if when one comes ashore it is found to be a war zone?

But it is not necessary that you except the conceptual framework I have presented here… this is all based on my experience… and you will have your own experience, and perhaps express it in your own way.

Actually this is the good news, that no matter what you believe you can still find and experience this point of light and it will lead you home to your own personal tailor made promised land and will allow you to enjoy fellowship with others in mutual respect and love.

To follow the guidance of this inner light is the beginning of wisdom.

It is the sure way to the greatest possible destiny for YOU, because it only requires that you be true to yourself!

It is the concentrated presence of your legacy awaiting activation!

It is the fountainhead of creative power, accessible to you twenty four seven, to build and create the life of your dreams.

It is the foundation of inner peace, love and trust in your personal relationships, purpose and meaning in service, and joy in living!

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, it will vanquish all shadows, the ones you’ve been running from, the ones you’ve been chasing, and the one’s you’ve been casting!

This will be the subject of my next three articles. How to use the sacred light of the heart to triumph over the shadows hidden within, the ones dancing on the world stage, and the ones you’ve been projecting on to others….

Peace, Si Gong

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