“Seek the formless through the form,

when one has obtained the formless,

one is free to become any form.”

-Bruce Lee


“The faithful bow willingly.

intending the pleasure of God.

The unbeliever worships God but unwillingly

intending some other desire.

Yes he keeps the King’s fortress in good repair,

But claims to be in command.”

-Mathnawi II 2544-46

Once upon a time there was an International Investigation Conference held in Zurich, Switzerland to determine the shape of water. The world’s foremost experts in the fields of Science, Religion, Politics, Philosophy, and Art, gathered in The Great Hall to make their case.

“Water comes in the shape of a cloud” The first speaker began.

“No, I have seen it fall to the earth as rain!”

The second speaker countered.

“You are both wrong!” The next speaker shouted.

“It is cold white and firm, I have seen it as snow on the mountain top.”

“No, it is a brook!”

“It is a stream!”

“It is the river!”

“No, no, no, it is just a tiny puddle.” A small voice whispered.

“It is a lake!

“No it is more than that, it is a series of Great Lakes!”

Finally a man with flowing white robes, long white hair, and a thick white beard, that would have made any hipster jealous, parted the crowd like the red sea, looking suspiciously like the corpse of Charlton Heston and thundered, “No you are all wrong, this the voice of God, all of these forms return to the sea, which is me, the shape of water is the ocean, which feeds and nourishes them all, and to which they all return!”

The Great Hall fell silent, for a while, when from out of nowhere the ghost of Bruce Lee appeared, and shouted “WHAAA….TAAAH!

The tension broke and the whole crowd erupted in laughter.

People of different faiths, philosophies, political ideologies, beliefs, nationalities, races, and sexual preferences, were all ribbing each other and giggling, “Get it, water……. WHAAATAAAH!” They couldn’t stop laughing.

After the crowd grew quiet again I stepped from the back of the room,and came unto the main stage, I put one hand to the center of my chest and bowed.

“I honor you all.” I simply said.

The ghost of Bruce Lee looked my way and winked.

“That’s right Si Gong, be water my friend, be water!”

Peace in, Peace out, Si Gong

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