“When praise is lavished on the famous,

people contend and compete with one another.

When material goods are traded and treasured,

the compulsion to corruption and theft is awakened.

When desires are constantly stimulated,

people become disturbed, confused, and addicted.


Therefore the wise person sets and example by

emptying their mind,

opening their heart,

relaxing their ambitions,

releasing their desires,

cultivating their character.”

Having conquered deceit and craving within themselves,

they cannot be manipulated by anyone.”

-Lao Tzu


“There is only one victory.

This happens from within your own heart.

Where a power greater than yourself arises, and is you.

When there is only One, you will have won!”


After this the sage sits on the beach and smiles

watching the ocean rise and fall,

the tide coming in and out,

the sun rising and setting,

all but another chapter in the glorious dance of life!”


-Si Gong

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