“Out of this mysterious well flows everything in existence. It evolves us all and makes the world One.”

-Lao Tzu

“God is a circle whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere.”

-St Bonaventure

Mathematical Tao 101

One is the number of the Universe. Universe translated means One Song or One Verse.

The Universal number is not zero, it is not two. Zero allows One to be limitless. The void allows the space for all possibility to emerge. Two allows One freedom of expression on a spectrum. But two as reality is the emergence of all disharmony. Duality provides the opportunity to discover the Oneness that transcends it.

I am One with the Universal Life Energy!

I am One with the Universal Great One!

The Divine is indivisible. It is the oneness within division. The One creates the two, which creates the three which creates the 10.000 things, which in truth are One.

How does all this mathematical? philosophical musings effect you? Because when you awaken to oneness the ethical key to all the world’s value systems is unlocked.

The Golden Rule

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”

This is no longer just a guideline or a rule? It is based on you awakening to the Universal reality that you are one with the others When you let go of trying TWO be something separate and become Zero (nothing) the One True Self naturally emerges!

Two has become as One…….and then……

All is One and One is all!

Been One-dering, Si Gong

P.S. All creation (the Material Realm) is One, All of the Spiritual Realm is One,

The Spiritual and Material Realm are One, Heaven and Earth meets within our hearts (One Center everywhere present) That makes four Ones 1111. Together they make 4, divided by 4-ever = ONE! Isn’t that One-derful! Just playing people? Have a piece of Pie, relax, first, last, always, and find the Pi within the Pie! Hint: It stretches into infinity!



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