“Heaven and earth are not sentimental,

they regard  all things as temporal.

A sage is not sentimental either,

they view all forms as transitional.”

-Lao Tzu

“Ownership is an illusion, let go and be free.”

-Si Gong

I never liked the idea of detachment. I simply did not want to walk the earth as an unattached, uncaring, transcendent, enlightened, zombie. Until I faced the reality of impermanence. It was then that I realized that detachment was the key to the most vibrant, electric, and joyful, way of living. You see it is nothing more than accepting the true nature of life. Which brings peace. Everything is constantly changing. Once you embrace change as a blessing, you release it as a curse, every moment, every experience, and every relationship becomes a gift to be cherished! Gratitude replaces complacency. Joyful expectation replaces entitlement. Exaltation replaces drudgery. One is freed to love abundantly and recklessly! To celebrate the opportunity of existence! To create and be without limit!

One begins to accept life on life’s terms. Even fear, worry, doubt, pain, sadness, mourning, and death, can be seen as forces that inspire us to courage, hope, faith, pleasure, celebration, and life. Our wounds become openings to a deeper love. Every horizon gained leads to a new horizon.

Cry, then laugh, then cry, and then laugh again…. Sooner or later rainbows will appear in your eyes!

Peace,  Si Gong

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