“The heart of Tao is immortal,

It is the mystery that gives birth to us all,

to Heaven and Earth,

to everything and nothing.


Invisible yet ever present,

you can draw on it forever,

and it will never be depleted.”

-Lao Tzu


Let me speak of immortal things! Love, Truth, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Creative Power, and Creation itself. We may argue the limit of these things if we love to argue about things we don’t really know for sure?  Even the love of argument springs forth from love. To argue that wisdom has it limits may not be wise, but wisdom allows it, so that wisdom may be known.

When we argue for limitations, we limit ourselves. I can’t love any more than that! That’s it! That’s the truth! I found it, case closed. When I die that’s it, I won’t exist anymore. The Cosmos was created from nothing, and will return to nothing? Maybe, but how do you know? Have you ever experienced non-existence? Where you there within the great nothing? What was it like? Where exactly were you? How long did it last? Do you really know anything about nothing?

I love to read? One day I got myself in a panic wondering what I would do if I read all the books on earth? I realized that this was probably mathematically impossible and breathed a sigh of relief. But I take even greater solace in the fact that we will never run out of stories to tell and books to write? Amazing what you can do rearranging 26 letters.

My experience so far with the immortal things is that they increase in the giving of them. The more I love beyond my imagined limit, the more love increases in my life. The more I draw on my imagination the stronger it becomes. The more truth I explore, experience, and understand, the greater my capacity for new revelations of truth. In letting go of knowing, new knowledge arises. My greatest experiences of peace and joy came at the moment I stopped chasing after them!

No one can give you the immortal things. You give them to yourself, when you discover them arising from an eternal well within your heart, and begin giving them to others and the world around you! 

I haven’t found the limit yet,

Si Gong




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