Heaven is eternal, earth everlasting.

They endure this way because they

do not live for themselves.


In the same way the wise

put themselves last,

and therefore find themselves first.


See themselves in all creation,

and therefore remain in the center.


Abandon themselves

And therefore are fulfilled.


-Lao Tzu


This wisdom is very difficult to understand.

In the western way of progress we are all asked,

“What are you going to be, when you grow up?”

We set about trying to make something of ourselves,

To become, someone. To get a life! To be successful!


I too did this. I, like, so many

thought my accomplishments were for me.

It turns out I was only harvesting something in myself,

so that I could give it all away for the nourishments of others.


Now, I no longer have joy in my achievements.

But take great joy in the achievements

of those I have been blessed

to nurture along the way.


In the end anything I have not given away

will be a burden!


I simply must nourish the Universe,

that has so graciously nourished me!


-Si Gong

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