Filling to fullness is not as good as stopping at the right moment.

Over-sharpening a blade causes it to lose its edge.

Line your home with treasures and you won’t be able to defend it.


Amass possessions, establish positions, display your pride:

Soon enough disaster drives you to your knees!


This is the way of heaven: do your work, then step back.

-Lao Tzu


“If you can dream without making dreams your master,

If you can think, without making thoughts your aim,

If you can meet with triumph and disaster,

and treat these two imposters just the same…”

-Rudyard Kipling


“There is a universal paradox, based on the dynamic tension of ambition and acceptance. On one hand you want to be the best you can be and on the other you want the peace of self-acceptance?

Can a person be filled with fire

and yet have the cool still waters of peace

flowing in their heart?

I started my path wanting to change the world! I then went to a desire to change others, so they could change the world! Then I went to changing others, simply because I loved them and wanted the best for them!

Along the way, I changed and learned to love myself and others more.

I have given 100% in every endeavor, but I can’t believe how much of this energy was given to things beyond my control. When I focus on the effects of my life’s work, I find frustration . When I come home to the cause, I experience love peace and joy!

Individual power arises from vision, will and choice. You are powerless in the lives of others, world events, and natural disasters. Bring your 100% focus back to your life and what is burning in your heart, and give it to the world, without restraint, abundantly and joyfully!

Do this and you will maximize your experience and expression of life.

Your contribution will echo in eternity without you calculating its effect?

Life is but a day’s work, do it well, but remember the act is ours,

the consequence belongs to heaven!


Peace, Si Gong

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