“Can you cleanse your inner vision

until you see heaven in every direction?”

-Lao Tzu

A child is born into all awareness but not into all knowledge. Perhaps, life then is an opportunity for pure awareness to take a journey into knowledge and then return to itself richer through the gift of experience.

What a heart wrenching thing to watch as the pure innocence of a child takes it’s journey into the world of knowledge and experience. Knowledge accumulates in the mind, while experience gathers in the heart.

Unfortunately, the world is not as pristine as the child who enters it. We all encounter the demons of injustice, oppression,  crime, poverty, hatred, and war? These leave scars on the surface of the heart.

We are all indoctrinated into knowledge. Sex, race, nationality, religion or none, politics, opinions, and facts? You may have noticed but even facts are open to debate. But nonetheless, we all receive an education through parents, teachers, and society at large. These are impressed upon our minds and we have no choice but to view the world through these impressions.

It seems the power of awareness is buried underneath a thousand fractures of the heart and the heavy laden belief system of the mind. Can we ever return home to the clarity of our original ability to simply see?

I found that first I had to free my mind and then through the healing light of pure awareness begin healing the wounds and many fractures of my heart.

I have not returned to the mind of an infant, I rejoice in the knowledge I’ve gained and am ever curious to learn more. But I allow knowledge to be fluid and not solidified. I found over time that assuming I know or that my opinion is correct, obstructs my ability to see clearly and thus learn more. In this humility the endless universe keeps revealing more of itself!

I have not returned to the simple unconditional love of a child. But by avoiding the reflex of seeing the world through a broken and wounded heart which only tends to distort the truth, I can now see more of the beauty in our humanity and the universe we live in!

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. ”


Everywhere they look!

Peace, Si Gong

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