“A vessel is molded from solid clay, its inner emptiness makes it useful.”

-Lao Tzu

It is important to remember that all that we build in our outer life, is but a temporary house for what lives in our hearts. We often become so focused on our goals and dreams, that we never visit the inner domain that gives birth to them all.

At the center of your heart is an eternal spring of love, peace, and joy. If you have never discovered and quenched your thirst from these refreshing waters, you have yet to truly live. Every outer joy is but a shadow of this inner light.

This is the Creative Source emanating all that we see from the heart of Creation. This is the essence of who you are and the source of your own creativity. Once awakened to this inner abode, you may return to life and sculpt a thousand vessels! Then, laugh, cry, love, learn, sing and dance along the way! For vessels come and go, but what they contain remains….

-Si Gong



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