The Call, The Disciple, The Master, and Learning To Fly!

If you answer the call of your heart and follow it with steadfastness, perseverance, and courage, you will be led into a life beyond your ability to imagine.

If you fail to answer the call of your heart, you will fall into despair.

Any endeavor that is worthwhile requires a teacher and guide. The gap between disciple and master is to wide at the beginning of a quest.

Find that mentor that embodies your inner knowing. Listen closely for that promise to lead you home to the master within. This is the presence of a power within you, which you are not yet aware of.

Once confirmed, follow the wisdom of your teacher and guide, until your connection to the master within is so strong that you realize this is who you truly are.

Then in full faith take to the sky and pursue your unique destiny, forever connected to the eternal guide of all creation!

Peace, Si Gong (Master Teacher)



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