“The light shines in the darkness,

and the darkness has not overcome it.”

John 1:5

One thing that should be clear to scientists, philosophers, story tellers, and religionists, is that in any exchange between light and dark, the light always emerges victorious. Darkness only exists and has victory in the absence of light.

Now, as any black and white photographer can see, it is the ongoing dance between light and dark and the many shades in between that provides contrast and allows for perception and discernment. Without this contrast one cannot see.

Now don’t get mad but your birth into this world of duality has been provided so that you can develop and strengthen your individual perception and thus choice. We are all properly confused. We have been injured by darkness that calls itself light and forbidden from light that has been labeled as darkness. We pursue perceived light and then it leads us to darkness. We enter unwillingly into darkness and somehow it leads us into the light.

Alas! (Alora!) Sooner or later you must begin to trust your own perception. So that you are no longer under the spell and illusion of this dance between sunbeam and shadow.

There is only one substance in the spiritual realm. It is LOVE and it brings with it peace, and joy, and then every other good thing….. humility, honesty, compassion, kindness, wisdom, etc. Of course the blind and semi-blind have a hard time seeing this. When one is still filled with shadows then the light itself is seen as the enemy. Love then, is seen as weak and foolish and is attacked by the self-proclaimed strong and wise. Keep in mind we do not speak of love the feeling or love the emotion. We speak of a greater power from which all love emerges and is transcended. It is entering into this Love that frees us from the hypnotizing effect of duality.

Beware of the one with a holy cause, through whom all manner of death and destruction enters our world. It is through the self-righteous charge to defeat darkness that darkness gains its foothold and enters the world. When we are ignited by a passion to defeat injustice, injustice as a means is often justified. Humility is the sure characteristic of a vessel of light.

“Before I had power I needed to prove my power, when true power came I had nothing to prove.”

-Si Gong

Once we understand that no outer light can illuminate our souls, we are one step closer to awakening the light that lives within us. No person, no job, no home, no set of beliefs, no acquisition, material gain, or achievement can provide this light. Even though we love these outer things they will all come and go. So the wise soul turns to the light that lives within them. This is the source of a Love that is more than a feeling and does not come and go. When we light this flame on the altar of our hearts, it will illuminate our path and be with us wherever we go. And as long as we are willing to give it, it will continue to grow.

“Be the light you want to see in the world!’

-Si Gong

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