Transformational Being

There is a light at the centre of every heart. Yes, that means you too. It is a guiding light. It is a source of love, wisdom, and creative power. It is the wellspring of what has been called enlightenment. It is secret temple of awakening and communion with God. It is the presence that permeates all creation and unites us with it.

The light of the heart must be experienced, to be known. Close your eyes, breath deeply, relax, let fear go, be open, be aware. What emerges in a realm beyond thought, is the essence of your being, and the guiding light of which I speak.

This the truth of your being and of all being. Go and see. I am calling it light, but because of awareness, it can be experienced as love,  peace, joy, truth, freedom, justice, and unity. To follow its guidance is wisdom. Let it lead you home to who you truly are, always have been, and always will be.

Everything else is just a lesson. Shadows flickering to help you see, discern, and make your own choice Sooner or later you have to stop chasing shadows, stop running from them and follow the one true light which is the  source of your being. This lives in you. This is you.  This is good news. Seek and you shall find.

Be love.

Be peace.

Be joy.

Be true.

Be free.

Be just.

Be kind.

Be forgiving.

We will transform ourselves, our communities, and our world through being.

Peace in, Peace out, Si Gong

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