The Universal Teachings of a Grandmaster 3


I had been searching for something all my life.

My parents were strung out on junk. My foster parents believed in original sin, and tried their best to beat it out of me. I was part of a live-in drug rehabilitation program that became a cult. I walked across America for disarmament and social justice. But counties are still armed and injustice still reigns. I protested my army units proud history in the American/Indian wars. It wasn’t a good fit, we parted ways. I was part of a riot when Dan White got 7 years for assassinating S.F. Mayor George Moscone and the first gay supervisor Harvey Milk, with the infamous “twinkie” defense. I ended up in jail. Sitting in my cell I heard a still small voice say “This time it will be a revolution in consciousness.” I went searching for this revolution and it landed me on the doorstep of the Shaolin Temple Institute/ Universal School of Self. This is where I met my teacher the Grandmaster.

In the beginning, he didn’t talk much. We spent 4-5 hours purging our body of poisons, through the ancient art of Kung Fu. I was in the back row trying to keep up. I didn’t think he noticed me or my frustration in keeping pace with his rapid fire teaching method. But one day another student took me aside and told me the Grandmaster had asked him to tell me that he saw my frustration, and not to worry, I was doing well and would catch up…. someday! Years later I would tell my own students “don’t tell me to slow down, think quicker!”

Now I was pouring a lot of time and energy into my training. I felt I had found what I was looking for, but honestly I had no idea what it was.

One night after class I stood my uniform drenched in sweat, in front of a poem our Grandmaster had written. It was a poem that beckoned us to the journey. It said that though we shed blood, sweat, and tears, all our efforts and struggle would be worth it in the end. We would come to place of great peace, love. harmony, and joy!

“Come, follow me, for I am there! Won’t you join me?”

I stood there with a tear on my cheek determined to follow, but still not understanding where I was going or how I would get there?

“The secret’s right under your nose!” I heard him say. When I looked to the side. He was sitting drinking tea, and smiling.

I can’t say my search ended that night but it was redirected. I stopped looking for that something out there. And started looking within my own heart. Because no, he wasn’t talking about my moustache!

Love. Be Happy!

Peace, Si Gong









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