Deeper in the Lake….


“Let everything flow from a point a stillness.”

Cool quote, one that my teacher repeated often and then would add, “When there is calm in action and stillness in movement, then and only then, does the Universal rhythm manifest itself.”

Sometimes philosophy is very ambiguous. It sounds so deep, but you partly like it because you have no idea what it means, and thus you have no obligation to change anything in your life.

So, what is this “point of stillness” to which we refer? I like to say it is a place of pure awareness. But this may leave us with the impression of someone staring into to space without any thought in their head. In my experience, it is more than that. When you enter into this “point of stillness” there is a feeling. It is a very subtle but tangible presence. It is like an energetic vibrational mix of universal love, inner peace, and causeless joy. There is also a physical sensation. It is like waves of light pulsing throughout your body. But these are just words for an experience that is beyond words.

Why does it matter?

Like really, who cares about a point of stillness? Most of us are just trying to make it through the day in a mad, mad, mad, world!

There is only one reason I can think of…. and that is that it is the single most transformational experience one can have in this lifetime!

When you learn how to hold this point of awareness and live your life as an expression of it, you will be able to create yourself, your relationships, your life’s work, and a rich slideshow of joyous memories, beyond anything you thought was possible.

This “point of stillness” is your personal access to a greater power. It is the wellspring of unending love, inner wisdom, and personal genius.

Sound too good to be true? Well, to be fair it does take time and practice to find and hold your center. Of course, having a good teacher to guide you is invaluable. But it is only a matter of expanding your consciousness. You develop the ability to be aware of what’s happening in every moment. You also are able to watch your mental and emotional reaction to these outer events. But both of these are seen and navigated from a deeper point of awareness.

Take the analogy of a lake. There is the weather around the lake, there is the surface reaction to this weather, and then there is the deeper part of the lake that is always still, strong, and calm. Life is now witnessed from the deeper part of the lake. One learns and grows as storms come and go but “who you are” is seasoned but not defined by the weather. 

Breathe in, breathe out, relax, enter the presence and experience it. This is the essence of who you are.  

You have been born to live an amazing life, to be who you truly are, and to give the gift only you can give!

Love. Be Happy!

-Si Gong


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