Where do I belong? 

“I walk my path, a noble path, I belong to all and am restricted by none!”

-Si Gong

One of my favorite books is “Stranger in a Strange Land,” I like the book and its story, but I might like the title even more. I have always felt like a stranger in a strange land. One of the predominant thoughts of my youth, “Someone made a mistake and sent me to the wrong planet!”

It finally hit me the other day. I don’t fit in…….. ANYWHERE! Now, this would normally be seen as a sad thought. But my “Aha” moment was actually experienced as a joyful celebration and perhaps a declaration of independence!

Now, I have always known I didn’t fit in, but I have always tried to fit in anyways. A little subconscious motive always lurked, as if around the corner I would find the place or the group or the person with whom I finally fit. I have only ever fit in places and with people with whom fitting was not demanded. My teacher accepted me as I was, always. I created a school in which all sizes, shapes, colors, etc. were accepted and loved as they were, without a demand to fit in. I am at home with my beloved because we are fellow misfits and thus best friends. O.K. I only fit in with the misfits!

Seeing this so clearly is a great liberation. There is no religion or faith upon this earth that can contain my universal faith! There is no philosophical perspective that can corral my unique perspective and approach to life! There is no political theory that can hold the full spectrum of my thoughts on creating a better society! There is no position on any issue through which my conscience and perspective can completely be contained! There is no national identity that can bear witness to the full scope of my being! Even my individual identity, painstakingly built over a lifetime, cannot restrict or hold the full measure of who I am growing into!

I am a formless spirit set free to explore the world of multitudinous form. I can enter in and out of them all and learn and grow but I am bound by none of them. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty I’m free at last!

So as it is, I am a stranger in a strange land. I seem to herald from another realm. Maybe we all do? But now I know, my being here is not a mistake. I was sent to this earth for good reasons, to learn from this world and the experience of being human. I am here to offer the gift of myself. A Universal misfit!



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