On the day I was born my mother heard a voice from the heavens that said: “A great light has entered the world!” Now she didn’t tell me this until I was 44 years old. She said she had waited until I was mature enough to hear these words, without it going to my head.

Now this tells us something about the human condition. We are not conditioned to believe that there is a “great Light” living within us. We have been taught to fear this proclamation, lest the ego grabs a hold of it and through pride believe itself superior to others. Perhaps this is the great lesson of human history. We find the Great Light, be it God or Truth and then we become superior to others, we set ourselves apart, it becomes us vs, them. We judge “the others” as less and prejudice, oppression, injustice, and war ensue.

I have come to believe that when any and every child is born, a great light has entered the world. If I am right, we must explain why in so many cases this great light is extinguished and lost before it ever has a chance to shine. The world continues to be a place where shadow and darkness consume the best of the human spirit from one generation to the next.

Let’s face it, we are not taught to trust ourselves. Outer authorities try to install previously discovered truth and knowledge upon us and thus the mechanism of looking within and following the great light that lives within us is damaged. This is the true meaning of a broken heart. We become hard-hearted and follow belief systems that belong to others. Or we follow programming that we ourselves create out of our wounding.  Through this false mental programming, we become the puppets of shadows (subconscious forces) that pull levers from behind a curtain we cannot see.

But there is Good News! We can break this destructive cycle. We can emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. We can awaken to this great light and allow it to lead us to our truest expression of self and our greatest individual destiny!

This is the purpose of Master Quest. To give you access to the realm of unlimited potential and power that lives in your heart. It is a source of Unlimited Love, Wisdom and Creative Power. It is my intention to share with you the practical knowledge that will help you manifest your innate potential and live a life of meaning, accomplishment, freedom, and joy!


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