Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there, with open eyes and open arms!”


The one who can say this with courage and conviction has found the key to freedom. It is an awakening. I will trust life. I will accept life on life’s own terms. The truth is you will have to do this anyway. But so many of us go along kicking and screaming!

Having had five children and worked with thousands, I found the universal cry of the child is, “That’s not fair!” I have also observed in myself and others that this inner psychic scream does not go away of its own accord as we age. Our inner child is still driving the car, under the hood of our attempted maturity and poise. We all just want to be happy, but the rub is we are constantly trying to manipulate outside circumstances to obtain it. And despite all our efforts things still, don’t work out the way we want them to. It’s not fair! Ptthh!

If we only knew how much of our frustration, anger, misery, and sadness, arises from our expectations. You see expectation is not a real thing. What I mean is, it is something you create and therefore it doesn’t exist without your imagination supporting it. As an example, your birthday is coming up and you begin to imagine how it’s gonna be. You might even begin to plan the perfect day. But then on the actual day, things don’t go the way you expected them to. So, you are disappointed. Life couldn’t meet the appointment you made with it. You see, life had its own plans. Can you accept that life will always be a dance between your intentions and the reality of what actually happens?

Have you noticed, good and bad, gain and loss, success and failure, happens to everyone. No sense in keeping score. Nothing is permanent so all our ambitions are eventually dashed. The big guy with a sickle hovers over every life. Death is the hidden reminder to make the most of the gift of life. Yet, forces beyond our control will also play their part. The trick is to be a student of life and you will learn and grow from every encounter. By all means, celebrate when things seem to go your way and grieve and mourn when they don’t. But if you can accept as it is and is as it is intended to be, then the ride will be a little smoother.

By all means, make your plans and pursue your dreams but never feel you are in full control. Life will play its part. The action is yours, the result belongs to a mystery much greater than yourself.                            

No expectations, baby! But beware, because even this is an expectation. Lol!

Peace, Si Gong


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