What circumstances need to occur for you to be at peace? What are the characteristics and behaviors that allow you to release your love to another person? What needs to happen for you to feel joy?

If you look deeply into these questions and more importantly your answers, you will realize that you have unwittingly become the guardian at the gate of your own peace, love, and joy. You have written a mental contract with yourself as to when you will be at peace, whom and what you will love, and under which circumstances you will feel joy. If you stick to this contract you will never be happy. Sure, happiness will come and go, in accordance with the coming and going of circumstances, people, and things. But this is not happiness, it is happens-ness. Something needs to happen for the treasures of your heart to be released. You will always be at the mercy of events beyond your control.

Peace, Love, and Joy, are the fruit and blossom on the tree of life. They are the sweet rewards of our existence. This is why we all spend our lives chasing after them. We have been conditioned to pursue and capture happiness. But happiness is fluid, you can enjoy it in a myriad of ways, but the moment you try to capture it, it slips your grasp.

Universal happiness is like water, you have to let it flow. It rains down form the heavens. It gathers like a lake in our heart. But it cannot remain there, it must be expressed. It flows out like a river, meeting every obstacle and yielding to every turn of the earth. It seeks its destiny to feed into the ocean of humanity and all creation.

Universal happiness is eternal and limitless. It emanates effortlessly when peace, love, and joy, are fused as one. We are the ones who divide them. We are the ones who try in vain to dictate their release and expression. It is the effort to control happiness that leads to unhappiness. Let it be. Let it flow. Let it express itself naturally. In every circumstance, with every person and their behaviors, with the coming and going of things and accomplishment. Don’t worry, this golden gift of the cosmos has a way of meeting the ups and downs, the triumphs and travails, the comings and goings of our existence.

Trust this. Jesus described perfection as akin to rain which falls from heaven on the wicked and the just. Let it rain. Let it gather. Let it flow. Let its destiny be fulfilled! You cannot capture it. You cannot control it. And nothing can stand in its way. It nurtures every seed and brings forth an abundance of fruit and blossom. Be like water, my friend!

Peace in, Peace out, Si Gong

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