“A new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I loved you.” -Jesus

About 18 years ago I had a direct personal encounter with God that transformed my life from the inside out. Until then I had practiced every type of meditation, breathing technique, chanting, mantras, visualization, etc. All of this was wonderful and good. I grew as a person and my consciousness expanded. I was more centered and intuitive. I was guided from a deeper place. But because of the historic and present hypocrisy in religion, I avoided the idea of a personal God with all my might. Sure, I prayed in desperation when tragedy struck or I wanted something really, really, bad, but there was no real connection. My prayers were just hope hurled against an empty sky. Deep down  I was still radically broken. After years of abandonment and abuse, I still felt like an unworthy little boy, even though living in the body of a powerful Kung Fu instructor.

Attending a spiritual weekend with an enlightened men’s group and during a guided meditation, I was approached by a loving presence and shining light that filled my heart with an instantaneous and overwhelming peace, love, and joy. This presence was known to me intuitively as a being that I had read about and seen haphazardly represented by religion as Christ. But this was different, this was not a belief, a religion, a denomination, a set of rules. This was pure love personified knocking at the door of my heart asking me to enter into a relationship that was to transform my inner life. I said yes and this invisible independent Christ has been loving guiding and teaching me ever since.

I am not a Christian and I am not trying to convert anyone, I have long since quit this intrusive demand on the free-will of my brothers and sisters. I have simply been practicing loving others as I have been so graciously loved by God. You see this love cut to the core of my unworthiness and provided forgiveness and atonement for all the ways I have been unworthy to others. I have not been nor am I now a perfect man. I am as they say a work in progress. but this is progress into a love that is rarely seen in this world. I have begun to have a little taste of loving others the way I have been loved by God. I am not judged, so I do not judge. (On a good day, Lol) I am forgiven, so I forgive. I am loved unconditionally, so to the best of my abilities I love others this way. To all who whose hearts are warped by hatred and with minds that are limited by ignorance (many of whom use the name of God as a weapon) I feel compassion. I do not endorse the massive suffering caused by souls who are blocked from the light of love, I simply wish the veil could be lifted and they would be set free.

I still meditate, practice breathing techniques, chanting, mantras, visualization, etc. I rejoice in the light of pure consciousness as the essence of my being. I feel in harmony with nature and all living beings and things. But I am also abiding in a personal love with this mysterious presence that pervades all creation. This oneness has no religion and cares not what our beliefs are. Belief does not have the power to limit the all-pervasive absolute but only those small minds that attempt to limit the unlimitable. There is a love that is beyond belief.

So, this Christmas I am sharing my faith while honoring yours. I do not care what you believe or don’t believe. I love you because you are a fellow human being and worthy of a love that is unconditional and beyond our understanding. I am loved like this from an unknowable power greater than myself and it is my great joy to practice loving others this way.

With a glass of wine in my hand, I have perused my list of friends and family. What a beautiful group of souls. So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and may all your days be filled with love, peace, and joy!

Namaste’ Si Gong

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