What is The Gospel of Love? It starts with the simplicity of “love one another, as I have loved you”. It sounds simple but it is perhaps the mountain top of human evolution. I remember hearing and grooving on Ziggy Marley’s “Love is my religion”. I immediately thought, “What would that look like?” Now I don’t believe in religion too much, as it is a way of organizing a spiritual experience and then creating it into a belief system that divides us. A lot of heartache, pain, suffering, and war has been the price of these “Holy” divisions. In my experience, as we enter into the heart of a Universal Love all division melts. What if rather than a religion, we just went directly to the source and experienced Divine Love directly and then set about loving one another beyond these man-made boundaries?

This Easter Sunday at our Online Gathering “We are all in this together” Suzanne’s brother Gary spoke about what he was grateful for in this pandemic crisis. He said for him it was the possibility of entering into “We” and rejecting the temptation to divide through fear and blame “them”. He spoke of a family member who was spitting bigoted comments out of fear. Blaming the virus on a certain group of people. When he called her out on it, she said: “Oh I am sorry to have offended you.” He said “No you didn’t hurt me. I am hurting for you and the pain you must be in as you lash out at “them”. You are suffering from the hatred you are espousing as well as infecting those around you”. I am paraphrasing here, but the point is that just as the virus of hatred crosses boundaries to destroy and divide, so can love cross boundaries to save our common humanity and unify.

The Gospel of Love then is built on a foundation of what can unify us. It rests on the profound potential of the human spirit through peace, love, and joy.

Peace is when we discover a pure awareness that lies under the surface of our busy minds and is the essence of who we are. Love is when we go deeper than the surface of our troubled hearts and experience the love of God which heals and transforms us and allows us to love others the same way. Joy is when we go beyond the surface level disharmony that we create in the outer world and enter into the harmony that exists under the surface of all creation.

I call it the ARC of spiritual liberty. Awakening based on self-realization. Relationship based on Divine Love. Communion based on oneness and harmony with nature.

But as pie in the sky as all of this may sound it is firmly rooted in our humanity. The greatest teacher of our divine nature is our humanity. As the greatest teacher of our humanity is our divine nature. This allows us to stay down to earth even while reaching for the heavens. Heaven and earth meet within our hearts.

This is my vision for The Gospel Love. I am launching a ship whose journey and destination have yet to be revealed. But I have found that in any endeavor, you are called by what your soul is yearning for. The foundation of my faith is that love is the greatest power in the Universe. Earth is the classroom and love is its greatest lesson.

“Come on people now, smile on your brothers and sisters, everybody get together, time to love one another right now!”

Peace, Love, & Joy, Si Gong




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