I have been teaching and preaching on the power of Divine Love for many years. I believe love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Yet, human love is often selfish and being such, it can often lead to hate. As reflected by the lover who says, “I love you so much, I will kill you rather than lose you.” So, when we speak of the power of love, we must aspire to a greater love than this. I believe every love is an invitation to a higher love. As the song says bring me a “higher love”. Amen to that!

Now it would be fair to assume that Religion would be the foremost authority on God’s love. Yet, we have all witnessed hatred, cruelty, oppression, torture, and war, initiated in the name of God throughout human history. For this very reason I have meticulously avoided religion, my entire life. That is not to say that I didn’t believe in God. I just never saw represented a God I could believe in. Yet, I have seen individuals within religions who had what I would call, the divine touch. That is to say, they walked the talk of their faith, or practiced what they preached. There are also many saints whose lives are testaments to divine qualities, the greatest of these being Universal love.

 Maybe this is your dilemma too? Not so much that you don’t believe in God, but that you don’t believe in the God other people believe in. It is difficult when you live in a world with so many religious authorities. They intimidate and scold their followers in the name of God. The arrogantly espouse how their way of believing in God is the only way or the best way, and then go on to say that others who will not believe in God as they do, will be cast into hell by God forever and ever. I tell you it’s enough to make an atheist out of the best of us! But, I never stopped believing or at least hoping that there was a better God than the one I saw presented by the world. And as it turned out somewhere along the way in my search for truth, I had a personal encounter with God. It was through this encounter that I experientially found God to be much more than I would have even hoped for. A Universal source and expression of peace, love, and joy. God does exist! Is all you would have hoped for and can be experienced directly by you!

Si Gong: The Minister of Divine Love

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