Zen Preacher

The Gospel of Love is the ministry of Si Gong Robert Firestine a 9th degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kung Fu, a Zen centered martial art based on Universal spiritual teachings.  Robert is also an ordained minister of the gospel. He founded The Church of Light & Life which he led for 7 years. It included a homeless ministry and sending missionaries to Kenya, Rwanda, Finland, Turkey, Mexico, and Central America.  He now travels the world with his wife and spiritual partner “Bright Star”.  Their simple message is based on Christ’s call to “love one another, as I have loved you” This is a message of Divine Love.

The Gospel of Love as a blog is an honest reflection of his life as a man, his spiritual journey and insights, creative writing, and poetry. He hopes to inspire others to accept and love themselves as they are and to be true to themselves and their own unique spiritual journey.

You may contact him and learn more about The Gospel of Love at masterquest4life@yahoo.com or visit his website at masterquest4life.com














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