Master Quest: The Art of Life is the inspiration of Si Gong Robert Firestine a 9th-degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and teacher of physical, mental, and spiritual mastery for the last 40 years. Master Quest is a message of empowerment and hope for this and future generations.

Si Gong Robert’s childhood like many was one of neglect, abuse, confusion, anger, and desperation. By the time he was a young man, he was rebellious and self-destructive. Realizing that his life path had turned suicidal he reached out for help and stumbled upon a basement Dojo and a Grandmaster teaching a life-saving combination of Kung Fu and Universal Wisdom. One Day his teacher suggested that he enter the temple of his heart and to his surprise he discovered the presence of the “Master Within.” By following the guidance of this “one true voice” he began awakening to the truth of his own being. In time he discovered the presence of a higher power that was the source of his own. He learned the timeless secrets of success, manifestation, and co-creation. He met the love of his life, and together they built a successful martial arts empowerment school in Tucson Arizona, raised 5 children, created and ran a ministry for the homeless, and grew deeper into the love. peace, and joy that is the essence of every human heart. After 17 years of teaching thousands of students how to awaken and follow the guidance of this inner master through Kung Fu Training, he wondered if there was a way of taking this teaching to the world?  Several years ago a worn out piece of paper with the word “Free” written on it blew into his yard. He knew it was time to sell his possessions and spend the rest of his life sharing this message.  Master Quest is born out of his sincere desire to guide others to this unlimited source of inner power that is their birthright and hidden inheritance!

Master Quest Blog is a series of Essays, Stories, Poems, and Reflections, inspired by this heartbreaking, adventurous, and glorious gift called……life!

“Like the protagonist in Plato’s cave, after discovering hidden fire and the beautiful life beyond the bondage of the cave. I return to help guide those who are tired of dancing to the shadows and are ready to awaken to their inner potential and create a life of love, purpose, freedom, and joy!”

-Si Gong (Master Teacher)














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