The Dream Masters Academy is a a gathering of people who want to master the art of dreaming. Did you know that is possible to not only create yourself, your relationships, your gift to the world, and a life that you love, but to awaken and become one with the one who is dreaming?

What this means is that we first awaken to the power that sleeps within us. For in this power center lies the treasure we are seeking in the outer world. Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, and Creative Power all live within us They are an unlimited potential of your inner being waiting to be expressed and lived. We have all been taught that we must seek these things in order to be happy. A Dream Master begins with these inner gifts as the essence of who they are. For the Dream Master they are not dreams on the horizon to be pursued and possessed but rather unrealized aspects of ourselves waiting to be awakened expressed and given. So rather than life being a labyrinth, where we must get to the center to be successful, we start at the center and take great joy in walking it out by creating, living, and giving, from this unlimited potential that lives within us.

The 4 pillars of the Universal Self are concerned with awakening you inner power. Dream Masters Academy is concerned with placing the creative power in your hands so you can create a life and a destiny that is a reflection of who you truly are!

Once a month, we hold a Dream Master Webinar where we learn and share the strategies and tactics of a Dream Master. In addition to this each member is involved in creating a Life Alchemy Blueprint. This is the map that will guide you in the art of creating yourself, your relationships, you service, and your lifestyle. Thus you will snatch the wand of power out of the hands of fate and place it firmly in the hands of destiny.

If you are interested in beginning you journey as a Dream Master contact Si Gong at spiritwolfff@yahoo.com

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