I am Si Gong Robert Firestine and I am a 9th Degree Black Belt and Master of Shaolin Kung Fu. I studied with Grandmaster George Ming Esteban for 38 years as a student, teacher, and friend. The spiritual and philosophical foundation of our training was called the Universal School of Self. Our study was open minded and comprehensive exploration of knowledge that included, world religions, philosophies, mystic spiritualities, physics, meditation, breathing techniques, sacred sound, energy cultivation, healing techniques, diet, physical development, and self-expression. It was a Universal search for knowledge with no limits.

I started as a beginner, became and advanced practitioner and eventually a Master within The Art Of Shaolin Kung Fu. But it was through the Universal School of Self that I gained my spiritual liberty. The courses that I teach are based on the teachings of our mystic Grandmaster, Si Tai Gong George Ming Esteban. It is my vision to separate the teachings of The Universal School of Self from the traditional martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu and make it available to a vaster swath of humanity. To do this I have also taken 38 years of teaching and distilled into its essential elements so that it can be passed on to this and future generations.

Si Gong translates to Master Teacher. As mastery itself is a journey, I take it to mean teacher of Masters. I believe there is a Master living in the heart of every human being. But this Inner Master must be awakened and then begin to dream, create, and and live through you!

Are you ready for the quest and adventure of a lifetime?

If this intrigues you contact Si Gong at

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