Peace, Love, & Joy

The Gospel of Love is an invitation into a personal relationship with God that allows you to be at peace within your own heart, to truly love others as you are loved by God, and to take joy in the presence of God through all life and creation. So much of religion has divided and separated us, even to the point of judgment, hatred, and war. Yet, we are told in the scriptures that God Is One, who is beyond, in, and through all. The gospel of love seeks to awaken a love that will transcend those man-made boundaries.

Si Gong Robert Firestine has been on a lifelong universal spiritual journey. He found the divisions in the spiritual realm to be false. He studied Zen and Taoist teachings through the Ancient Art and pathway of Shaolin Kung Fu. He always respected and appreciated the teachings of Christ on Universal Brotherhood & Sisterhood and the Power of Divine  Love. At a meditation retreat in 2002, he had a direct experiential encounter with Christ. He was asked to represent the true spirit of Christ in the world. He experienced the love of God directly through the person of Jesus and began to love others the way he had been loved by God. He found that this simple gospel based on Jesus One commandment to “love one another, as I have loved you” did not require any doctrine, belief system, denomination, or Religion. These artificial boundaries only serve to obscure the truth and cause division rather than unity amongst humanity. He also saw that awakening to one’s true self, the inner peace found in Zen meditation, or following the Tao that brings harmony to the natural world, were not exclusive from a personal and experiential relationship with one’s Creator.

Si Gong Robert claims no special status or enlightened state. He sees himself as a human being who has awakened to the possibility of the divine potential that lives within him. This same spirit is at the heart of all human beings. He continues to grow into this inner potential. He shares these messages with others to inspire and nourish them in their own journeys. He hopes his writings will be beneficial to others as they navigate the pathway of being, both spiritual and human, with no limits except the ones they place on themselves.

“Those who seek to limit God will only succeed in limiting themselves.”

-St Bonaventure

You may contact him and learn more about The Gospel of Love at or visit his website at


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