Hello, my name is Si Gong, Robert Firestine. Si Gong is a title I earned after 40 years of studying and teaching Shaolin Kung Fu. It means Master Teacher in Chinese and I have taken it on as a bit of a pen name. This Blog contains my insights, dreams, and reflections on our Quest as human beings to understand ourselves and this greater mystery in which we all live and move and have our being.

If you are interested in the thoughts and ideas shared in this Blog, I also have a teaching series called Master Quest: The Art of Life.  It contains Philosophical Principles to help you awaken your inner power and create a life you love. We have an Online Community where we gather to share our insights, struggles, and victories, in our quest to dream and live a life that will reflect our deepest and most noble desires!

If you are interested contact Master Quest: The Art of Life



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